Enrollment Process

Alden Montessori Enrollment Process

Finding the Right Educational Environment for You and Your Child

“One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” – Maria Montessori

Alden Enrollment Process

Below is our enrollment process to ensure that, in partnership with the school, you have had ample opportunity to decided if Alden Montessori School is the best fit for you and your child. We look forward to getting to know you!  Every step of the enrollment process is by appointment only.


Prospective Parent School Preview.  9:30 am – Every Tuesday and Thursday morning Alden Montessori offers a school preview for prospective parents. This is a group event for parents to receive an overview of the philosophy of the school, meet the Heads of School, and tour the campus. This is a parent only event. Both parents are encouraged to attend. We will schedule a special student-centered tour for your child. Please contact us to schedule your preview.

Parent and Child Meet the Teacher.  Your child gets a student-centered tour. This is a wonderful opportunity for the parents and the child to have one-on-one time together with the teacher before their classroom visit. This allows the child to become more comfortable, helping to alleviate any anxiety the child may have.

Child Visits the Classroom.  The child will visit the classroom and enjoy a presentation from the teacher as well as working alongside and socializing with peers.

Elementary Students will visit two consecutive school days (8:00-3:00)

Preschool/Kindergarten students will visit two consecutive mornings (9:00-12:00)

Toddlers will visit two consecutive mornings for one hour (9:00-10:00)

Parents will be given guidelines to help support a smooth transition. If you anticipate that your child will have some separation anxiety, we will develop a schedule to help your childʼs transition be as smooth as possible.

Parent Meeting with Heads of School. This meeting is arranged to begin communication on the parent’s goals for their child and how the school can best meet his/her needs. Discussions about the most beneficial environment for the child, as well as ensuring that the family is in harmony with the Montessori philosophy of education, are also reviewed at this time.

Financials will be discussed with the parent. Tuition Agreement and Family Enrollment Fee is due. ($275 non-refundable)

Enrollment Paperwork. All forms must be submitted, previous school records, and immunizations/physician’s statement of health must be returned before the child may start.

Parent Orientation. Both parents are respectfully required to attend a parent orientation. This event will give important information on our philosophy and routines with insight into how to carry them over into the child’s home routines to ensure harmony between all the adults in the child’s daily life.

Parent Orientations are offered throughout the year and are required before the child begins the program. Other adults deeply involved in daily routines are encouraged to join us (step-parent, nanny, grandparent, etc.)

Classroom Orientation. This event is offered one evening at the beginning of each semester. Given by the classroom teacher, parents receive a deep understanding of the routines of their child’s classroom. Families who enroll after the beginning of the semester will be scheduled for a personal orientation at the convenience of the parent and teacher.

Child’s First Day. This is a memorable and exciting day! We will take lots of pictures!